Thursday, February 11, 2016

Duggan Develops a "Shacktown"

Historian Joanne Doucette has just posted another magnificent epic on her site Leslieville History, titled "From Farm to Shacktown to Bungalowland: Gerrard-Coxwell." It's chock-full of colourful maps from the 1800s, plus details on E. Henry Duggan's founding development of Coxwell, Rhodes and Craven:
Duggan intentionally developed Erie Terrace as a “shacktown” with tiny houses on tiny lots and no infrastructure. At the same time, he held back the farm to the west, intending it to be developed later for more lucrative lots with more substantial houses. That is why the west side of Erie Terrace (Craven Road) was not built on.
The opening of Erie Terrace (Reid Ave was the original name of Rhodes Ave). Toronto Star, May 29, 1906
To see all the maps, plus the Toronto Star's Jan. 24, 1924 announcement of Erie Terrace's name change to Craven Road, read Joanne's full post here!

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